32 Weeks Pregnant

So I am officially 32 weeks pregnant, and to ‘celebrate’ I had a growth scan! This pregnancy, I am suffering from Gestational Diabetes, which means weekly checks at the diabetic clinic and growth scans every 4 weeks. 

Diabetic clinic was about as successful as it usually is. My blood sugars are still all over the place, and utterly unpredictable, so I wasn’t at all surprised to be prescribed insulin. To be honest, I’m not fazed though – I’ve injected myself enough times in the past for fertility reasons! 
It was lovely to see little one on the big screen again – I find scans so exciting! Everything looks completely healthy, but his measurements are all above the 90th percentile still. They gave me an estimated current weight of 5lb 11oz! Gulp. I am obviously very aware of the fact that my bump is huge for 32wks, but I wasn’t expecting QUITE such a hefty prediction! What a chunk.

All being well, I have now been told induction will be at 38 weeks…which means I will have my baby boy with me next month! Fingers crossed for a drama free last few weeks of pregnancy, we can’t wait to meet you little one! đź’™

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