Valentine’s Tape Resist Art

Now to be honest, I’m not a huge follower of special days like Valentine’s. Usually, me and OH just exchange a store bought card and go about our day as normal! However, this year I decided it would be a good excuse to do a little crafting with Noah. But what to do?

Noah is 9 months old. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, goes in his mouth right now. So it had to be something safe, but something he would get some sensory value out of. So I started thinking, and decided to combine two separate ideas to produce our art.

The best idea I’ve come across for painting with babies is the cling film or sandwich bag approach. I first tried this when Noah was 4 months old. You take some paper/canvas squirt some dollops of paint on, cover in cling film or pop in a sandwich bag, and just let your little one mash away. The sensation of the paint squishing about under the plastic is lovely, and it’s completely mess free!

So for this project I decided to use this technique, but combine it with tape resist art. There are some lovely ideas for this across the Internet, mostly for slightly older children, but in this instance I decided to use heart shaped stickers on canvas.

These are flat A5 canvases, bought from The Works  (6 for just £2, what a bargain!) and very cheap gold heart stickers I got from Amazon. I chose to use canvas in this instance as I knew the stickers would come off with relative ease, which is necessary later in the process.

All I needed to do next was sit Noah in his highchair, dollop some paint on the canvases, and pop them in a sandwich bag. I use the zip lock ones to really contain the mess. Be generous with the paint! Then I let him loose.

Once he had finished squidging, poking, mashing and bashing I gave him the next bag until he had had enough.

I took them out of the sandwich bags, popped them on a wire rack to dry, and took Noah back into the front room to play – no other clean up required!

Later that evening, once the mini monkey was in bed, I took a pair of tweezers and gently removed each of the heart stickers from the canvases. They came away really easily, and here are the results!

I love them! The hearts really stand out, and having made 3 I can keep one for us here, and give one each to both sets of grandparents. I’ll let him hand them over, he will charm them more than he already has! So pretty, and so, so simple.

*I used normal acrylic paint for this project, and it dries with a lovely textured effect.

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