Quick and easy Sensory Bottles

This afternoon my Amazon delivery of plastic bottles arrived, so I decided to knock Noah up some sensory bottles there and then! I haven’t yet met a baby that doesn’t love to explore these, and the process took just 5 minutes with items from my craft bench.

These are just 100ml plastic bottles – the perfect size for small hands, however I have in the past used empty water bottles – so just use whatever you have to hand. I half filled them with water, then poured in a selection of crafty items I thought might look mesmerising in the end product.

As you can see, I chose fluffy pom poms, sequins, googly eyes and two different GLITTERS! All of these items were purchased from Hobbycraft, they have endless choice and packs like these are often just £1 each!

Then, I filled to the top with baby oil (you can also use glycerin if you’re more likely to have that floating around your kitchen going spare!). On go the lids, nice and tight – if you’re worried about spillage though a little squirt of superglue on the lid works a treat, and that’s it! So quick, so easy, so fun.

Noah took a special liking to the gold glitter and the sequins – little magpie. He loves a sensory bottle!

It occurred to me whilst he was exploring that these might actually be a nice addition to the light box – so I scooped him (and them!) up and we went upstairs to try it out.

Look at his little face!! In awe, bless him.

If you missed my previous light box post, you can find it here.

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