My DIY Light Box and Sensory Blocks 

This week I finally got round to doing something I’d been wanting to do for AGES! As a Primary School teacher who has worked in reception for several years, I have dreamed of owning a light box. Light boxes provide endless opportunities for learning, from babies to older children. Plus, they are just gorgeous. But they are SO EXPENSIVE. So why not make your own?

After lots of googling and Pinterest-ing (total addict over here!) I found this fantastic tutorial from The Imagination Tree. This blog is incredible, for all sorts of ideas – definitely check it out. I bought a see through plastic storage tub from Hobbycraft and a pad of A3 tracing paper, armed with that and a roll of sellotape I was ready to go!

After taping a couple of sheets of tracing paper to the underside of the box lid, all I needed to do was put a string of fairy lights inside. I bought a cheap string of 100 from Amazon, but you could easily use those christmas tree lights that are sitting untouched up in the loft! My are mains operated so I just let the wire trail out and can plug it in whenever I need to use it (the box lid still goes on fine). Et voila! Ready for action.

We’d had a lazy day where we hadn’t left the house, and by late afternoon Noah was getting a little grizzly so it seemed the ideal time to try out our light box. For Christmas I had bought him the absolutely gorgeous Wonderworld Wooden Rainbow Sound Blocks (they can be purchased from Amazon) which seemed like the perfect thing to use for our first session.

Aren’t they fabulous? The colours looked incredible against the soft light from the light box, and each block has a different sound when shaken. Noah absolutely adored shaking them and banging them together. There are great learning opportunities for building and shape and colour recognition too.

To maximise the effect, we drew the blackout curtains, turned all the lights off, and I popped on Noah’s favourite lullaby CD to make it a truly relaxing, multi-sensory experience. He was mesmerised, and I can’t wait to explore different uses in the weeks and months to come.

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