Centre Parcs Jan 2017

As our new arrival creeps closer, one thing we really wanted to do was to have a little trip away as a family of three. Jim and I have a little bit of a love affair with Centre Parcs Sherwood Forest – we must have been upwards of 5 times in the last 3 or so years! So it was a no brainer – it was high time for Noah’s first visit.

We booked a two bedroom villa, and I managed to convince Jim to pay a little extra to ensure we were right on the outskirts of The Village. My hips have been so painful this pregnancy, I didn’t want to risk not being able to hobble back and forth for multiple trips back to base for Noah’s naps! As it happens, I needn’t have worried, since Noah decided he had serious FOMO (fear of missing out!) all week so barely napped anyway.

It was a very different trip for us this time, as you might expect. Usually we partake in lots of badminton, crazy golf and drinking with friends! But this time our days centred around the pool, soft play areas and lots and lots of food! Noah is a complete water baby, he adored the pool. He never fails to attract attention from the older generation with his squeals and splashes, he is such a charmer. To be honest, we didn’t really utilise the children’s areas in there, he was happy enough in the main pool areas – the wave machine had him giggling, and heading to the outside area took his breath away (and fogged up Daddy’s glasses!!).

We explored a few of the soft play areas, but quickly found the one in the bowling alley to be the best suited for our needs. It was large, open and seemed to attract a much younger clientele. Noah’s confidence has really grown the last few weeks and he spent hours crawling around, climbing apparatus and even trying to interact with other children. 

We also enjoyed taking him to our favourite food spots – boy, that child can put food away when he wants to!! His favourite by far was The Pancake House. I’m sure he’d have quite happily polished off a large dessert pancake single handedly if we’d have let him! 

Despite refusing most naps whilst there (for a boy used to a solid 3 a day, this was impressive!) he was a total joy to be around, he adores time with his Daddy and it melts me to watch them together. He was also kind to us, and continued to sleep through the night, despite the unfamiliar surroundings! It was a fantastic weekend of quality family time, and we can safely say his first Centre Parcs visit was a roaring success. I can’t wait to do it again…as a family of four!

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