And so it begins…

So I’ve done it. I’ve set up a blog, chosen a fancy looking ‘theme’, and agonised over a domain name. And now I’m sat here, in my trusty maternity joggers wondering what the hell I’ve just done…

I may as well explain why I’m here. I’m a stay at home mum to my 9 month old mini monkey, Noah, and am currently 31 weeks pregnant with another baby boy. In my previous life, I was a primary school teacher, specialising in Early Years. I suppose I still am, but I’m immensely lucky to be taking the next few years out of the classroom to stay home with my boys. This blog is going to be a little bit of my day to day mum life, a smidgen of coping with pregnancy (and a newborn!) with such a young baby already, and hopefully a large dollop of fun, creative and crafty ideas to do with young children.

I guess what I really want from this is to keep a little bit of the old ‘me,’ the creative me, alive and kicking whilst I navigate the new ‘mum me.’ Even if it all ends up just me talking to myself (not at all unusual around here!) I think it will be cathartic. But if anything I write ends up resonating with, helping or inspiring even one person, that will be a huge bonus. Wish me luck!

My Noah, and mini-est monkey at 23wks

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